Ways to Enjoy Coffee During Ramadan

Ways to Enjoy Coffee During Ramadan

The Ramadan and Eid festivities bring joy and new habits. Besides religious activities, they also allow you to get more creative, especially since you cannot eat or drink coffee during the day. Here are some ways to enjoy coffee during Ramadan to add extra joy to your coffee and boost your mood during these festive weeks.

1. Affogato, a mix you won't regret. 
When fasting for an extended period, it is always recommended to break the fast with something sweet for an extra energy boost. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to your black coffee to make the perfect combination of sweetness and caffeine to break your fast. Try our Lumiere, Equilibre or Signature blend for this combination!

2. Coffee cookies?
Eid and Ramadan are the best times to catch up with family and friends. A good gathering is a combination of good food, drinks and company. What about baking some cookies with coffee? Try substituting half of the liquid with coffee. Trust us, a good quality coffee in your cookie mix? It becomes an addiction. 

3. Coffee for a gifting season. 
Whether as a professional courtesy or a token of affection, sending gifts is good for your soul and relationships. So, why not choose coffee as a gift during Ramadan? Check out our personalized gift sets and get creative. Choose our products in green to give the nuance of the festive mood - from Java, West Java, BaliCafé Robusta , Espresso, Equilibre, and Sumatra Mandheling Rainforest , pick them accordingly to their tastebuds.

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