3 Supresso's Best Gourmet Collection Blends For Your Latte

3 Supresso's Best Gourmet Collection Blends For Your Latte

In the morning, a great cup of latte is the perfect way to start the day, but how do you get the right taste?

Traditionally, a latte is made by combining a strong espresso and steamed milk with a thin layer of foam. To make a great latte, you need a good coffee blend that can balance the milk's sweetness and the espresso's bitterness.

If you're a fan of Supresso, here are three of our best Indonesian house blends that are perfect for your coffee-kicking, creamy and frothy morning start to the day.

Espresso Blend
This blend consists of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans from different regions of Indonesia. It is roasted with the Full City Roast method, which gives it a dark chocolate-caramel aroma and a floral touch. This blend will create a rich and smooth latte with hints of dark chocolate and a fresh aftertaste. It has medium acidity and a heavy body that will complement the milky texture of your latte.

Exotic Blend
If you love a more robust and bitter latte, our Exotic blend, 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta beans, roasted with the City+ Roast method, will be the one for you. This blend captures the strong taste of Indonesian black coffees, with a woody, nutty flavour and a sweet chocolate finish. It has a heavy body and low acidity, reducing the sweetness of your latte and enhancing the bitterness that lingers on your tongue.

Signature Blend
For a complex and balanced flavour with warm spices, tropical fruits, and chocolate-caramel notes- try our Signature Blend, 100% Arabica beans with the Full City method. On its own, it has high acidity and a medium body that complements the creaminess of milk, adding more complexity and depth to your latte.

Did you find the pattern there? Remember that a latte is a unique combination of coffee and milk, so you want to choose a coffee blend with a good body, preferably more Arabica based, to get a better coffee-to-milk ratio. Experiment with different coffee bases and find your favourite latte along the way!

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