Cool Off With An Iced Americano This Summer.

Cool Off With An Iced Americano This Summer.

Summer is finally here! The blaring heat, the constant sweat...what's the best pairing? An iced Americano (or two) to cool you down. The question is - is there a secret to brewing the most delicious cup?

Here's what your coffee expert has to say.

1. Choose A Darker Roasted Coffee
The secret to brewing a strong Iced Americano is using dark-roasted coffee beans for the espresso. Remember that Americanos are watered-down versions of espresso, so make sure you pick something that still packs a punch. When dissolved in ice, dark-roasted beans leave a more lingering aftertaste. Choose medium to light roasted beans if you prefer a delicate taste and higher acidity.

2. Arabica Or Robusta?
Among Arabica and Robusta, the only differences are in the thickness of the body and the acidity level. Naturally, Robusta beans have a thicker body and are more bitter, whereas Arabica beans tend to have a lighter body and higher acidity. Which beans are better for your Americano depends on your taste preference. Find your perfect blend by trying our Gourmet Collection, from 100% Arabica to 100% Robusta blends.

3. Sugar Or No Sugar?
Why not? Don't use more than a tablespoon of sugar - you want to let the coffee taste shine through! The best form of coffee is best enjoyed without sugar, so if you would like to appreciate the pure form of your roasted beans, try this. Once you go, no sugar, no going back!

4. 1 Part Espresso, 2 Parts Water
The key to the best Americano is the ratio of your espresso shot to water. Until you find your perfect balance, this should be your motto - 1 part espresso, 2 parts water.

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