How to Make a Japanese-Style V60 Iced Coffee

How to Make a Japanese-Style V60 Iced Coffee

Summer heat in the 21st century is no joke! A Japanese-style V60 Iced Coffee that is fresh and has a slight natural sweetness to it is perfect for an instant mood booster. Now what makes it sweet and fresh? It's the unique brewing method whereby coffee is brewed using ice and cold water to create a balanced flavour. Perfect for the blaring summer heat, simply put a V60 Coffee Dripper next to a window to start brewing!

Here’s how you can make a Japanese-Style V60 Iced Coffee!

Step 1
Prepare V60 tools, including a decanter, dripper, filter paper, and kitchen scale. Weigh out 40g of coffee beans, and grind them to a medium level.

Step 2
Prepare 400g of ice and 60ml of iced water in separate cups.

Step 3
Rinse the filter paper with hot water, then empty the decanter.

Step 4
Place the ground coffee into the dripper lined with the previously rinsed filter paper. Then, add the ice cubes on top of it. The ice should slowly start to melt to saturate the coffee below.

Step 5
To aid saturation pour 60ml of cold water for 10 seconds in a continuous circular motion. Pause, then continue to pour the remaining water. Visualize the ice melting as the coffee drips down. This could take up to 8–10 hours, depending on the surrounding temperature.

Step 6
Once the drip comes to a halt, remove the dripper along with the filter. Now your Japanese-style V60 Iced Coffee is ready to serve!

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