Our forefathers started from humble beginnings with a small warehouse in Riau, Sumatra in 1971. From there, we continued to revolutionise and expand to several state-of-the-art facilities throughout Indonesia. Our facilities are strategically located close to trusted coffee plantations which ensures to be able to maintain close relationships with the farmer, and sustain quality control of the coffee crop. This also enables the coffee beans, that are specially selected, to be processed and roasted in a timely manner to maintain freshness and the integrity of the coffee’s unique flavour profile. Our latest state-of-the-art manufactory plant employs the ISO 22000 quality management system and HACCP procedures to ensure that our quintessential coffees are produced under strict world class food safety standards.

We have learnt the tricks of the trade from our founding fathers and combined this valuable knowledge with our continual research and modern technology to bring Supresso into the 21st century. This invaluable formula has enabled us to develop over 100 varieties of coffee products, to date, which are delivered to distributors, restaurants, cafés, hotels, specialty coffee shops and retailers nation wide.

In 2018, we began exploring our international markets, and Supresso now has international marketing oces in Singapore and Malaysia. To support our expansion into the global coffee markets, our parent company also owns distribution companies, PT. Indis Tata Persada (Indonesia) and Supresso International PTE LTD (Singapore).

Working closely with our master roasters, we have most recently released Supresso’s range of Specialty and Organic coffees, as well as Supresso’s Original and World Blends. With such a wide range of products available, Supresso has something to satisfy the coffee connoisseur in you.

"No Matter What Type Of Coffee Experience You Are After, There Is A Supresso For You"


"Becoming a globally recognized and admired company. Obtaining positive growths at the areas where by accentuating our 5 core values."

VISION "Becoming a globally recognized and admired company. Obtaining positive growths at the areas where by accentuating our 5 core values."

"Providing supreme quality products with competitive prices that meet or surpass the consumer's need."

MISSION "Providing supreme quality products with competitive prices that meet or surpass the consumer's need."



"We are Supresso committed to always supplying premium selection coffee to you"

That's why quality control is of utmost important at every phase of production, beginning with the selection of coffee beans all the way until it is packed and ready to be delivered. We are ISO certified (ISO 9001:2015) because we have strict food hygiene and safety regulations which we all meticulously adhere to.


"We are constantly striving to supply the best quality premium selection coffee to you"

We are constantly trying new and innovative methods, processes or machinery to deliver on our commitment trough our research and development team.

Quality Management Certification & Affiliated Association

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. We are now acquiring ISO 22000 food safety management+HACCP.


The Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) is a trade association that represents stakeholders of Indonesia coffee Industry from farmers, processors,roasters, baristas, traders, exporters, cafes, coffee equipments, retailers as well as government and private institutions.


The Halal certificate is a document that guarantees that products and services aimed at the Muslim population meet the requirements of Islamic law.


Is the government approved Indonesia coffee association, which established on 2011 and backed-up by a good number of well-managed Coffee Exporters.


Asosiasi Ekspotir Kopi Indonesia (Indonesian coffee exporter association) Is an association for Indonesian companies that export coffees to global market.


The Indonesian food and beverages association


"Since Indonesia is one of the top coffee producers in the world. Indonesia is geographically and climatogically well-suited for coffee plantations."

We want to create an awareness, share and promote the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia coffee to the wolrd. Indonesia is geographically and climatogically well-suited for coffee plantations, near the equator and with numerous inteior montainous regions on itsmain island, creating well-suited micro climates for the growth and production of coffee. Due to the diverse geographic structures of the archipelago, each crop is bound to have different characteristics and this applies to the output of Indonesian coffee beans. Indonesia has a large coffee variety with a range of distinct characteristics.

For each region, distinct types of coffee beans are produced. Sumatra Mandhelling and Aceh Gayo. As some coffee expert have said. Sumatra Mandhelling has a unique taste because of its special characteristic of spicy earthy aromas. On the other hand, Aceh Gayo is slightly bitter and has a lower acidity , but is known to be one of the most best-tasting Arabica coffee in the world.

The best known coffee from the region of Sulawesi is Toraja Kalosi. The striking taste and high acidity level are expected of Toraja coffee. Although the body characteristics are slightly similiar to the Sumatra coffees, the aroma of the Toraja coffee has its own peculiarity. Bali Kintamani is recognised for the aftertaste of sour fruits and its freshness. The fresh aroma is present due to the planting sharing the same nutrients to its neighbouring citrus fruits and or other vegetable plants. this gives the coffee a livelier acidity against its mild body. Flores Bajawa shares similiar fruity characteristics with more tobacco aroma and aftertaste. Last but not the least "Luwak Coffee" is possibly the most famous type of coffee as it is known as the world's most expensive coffee, it is brewed from beans that have passed trough digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet. Due to this special fermentation process inside the animal (and due to the fact that the Civet is able to select the juiciest coffee cherries) this coffee is believed to have richer taste. Its labor-intensive production process and scarcity on the international market because its expensive price.