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Peaberry Robusta Coffee Capsules

Peaberry Robusta Coffee Capsules

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Balinese coffee, through and through. Created with pure Balinese coffee, discover our coffee creations, and delve into the eternal, and mythical island of Bali with us. Processed from chosen peaberry robusta Bali coffee beans and with a full city+ roasting method so that it produces fragrant peaberry robusta coffee with a Balinese coffee taste.

100% Balinese Coffee
Single Origin
Notes: Nutty - Caramel Chocolaty - Slight Earthy & Woody
Intensity: 7
No Acidity
Heavy Body
Full City+ Roast

Nespresso® Machine Compatible
Ingredients: 100% Balinese Peaberry Robusta Coffee
Net Weight: 60g (10 Coffee Capsules x 6g)

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